Swansea School Council

Our parent council is a collaborative and co-operative body whose purpose is to facilitate a partnership between members of the School community while aspiring to the highest possible standards of education in an inclusive, nurturing and challenging environment.

As such we help promote and maintain a positive, safe and social educational environment for all students, parents and staff while providing advice to the Principal and where appropriate to the School Board on any matters concerning the education of our students.

We encourage parents to become involved with our School Council by running for elected office, attending council meetings or joining the many committees and special events planning throughout the year. Volunteering is a great way to stay connected to your child’s educational experience while at Swansea!

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Current Members


School Statement of Needs

Parent Council Positions (Updated 2017)

Election Procedures (Updated 2017)

Self-Nomination Form (Updated 2017)

Current By-Law (Updated February 2016)


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