From the Principal’s Desk – Jan 12, 2011

Lockdown Drill

  • Early next week Swansea will be having a lockdown drill to practice safe school procedure in the event of an emergency.  There will be an announcement, students will remain/return to their classroom, administration will visit each class to do a safety check and then a release announcement.

Grade 7 Extended French Information Meeting – Thursday, January 20 – 7 pm

  • A presentation for grade 6 students and parents to outline the Grade 7 Extended French program and the application process.

Professional Development Day – Friday, January 21

  • TDSB schools will be closed for teacher professional development.

Family Literacy Day – Thursday, January 27

  • The focus this year is on literacy play. Students will be playing appropriate board games that focus on literacy.

Teddy Bear Picnic – 7 to 8 pm, January 27

  • Stories and songs for Kindergarten to grade 3 students and parents.  We get to wear our pajamas, bring our teddy bears, and enjoy a bedtime snack.
  • Further information on Family Literacy Day will be send home next week.

District Review – Thursday, February 3

  • Senior administrators will be visiting Swansea PS for the day to visit programs, classrooms, and staff. They will be reviewing our strengths and needs and working with us to improve our school.  A written report will be prepared after the visit, which will be shared at the March School Council meeting.

Kindergarten Registration

  • Kindergarten registration will take place on February 7, 8 and 9th.  Classroom placements are not depended upon date of registration – registrations are accepted through the year – however tours and other information is available during these registration times.  Information posters are posted around the school and distributed to local daycare centres.  An ad will also be placed in The Villager and SNAP.

Parent volunteers are needed to assist with Kindergarten tours during registration.  If you are able to assist you may contact Mary White at the office or Karey Heard at School Council.

– Karen Ridley, Principal


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