From the Principal’s Desk — Apr 27, 2011

Student Vote Canada

Students from grade 4 through 8 will be learning about how a federal election works and will have the opportunity to vote for the candidate of their choice on Friday, April 29th.  The results of this vote will be announced by Student Vote Canada during the federal election results on May 2nd and the Swansea results will be shared with the students on May 3rd.

Community Clean-up

Friday, April 29 – Swansea students will be cleaning up the school yard and field, throughout the day.  Volunteers welcome.

Saturday, April 30 – E-Waste Collection Day – Swansea is hosting an E-waste collection site for all your old TV’s, computers, printers, cell phones, etc.

For further information see:  and

In advance of our Inorganic Market Community Collection event next week, here is a link to an excellent animated video which tells the story of e-waste:

Spring Concert

Our final music concert is on Tuesday, May 10 at the Windermere United Church from 7:00 pm – 8:15 pm.  This will be a performance concert which will include our choirs, and string and band orchestras.  More details will be given to the students performing at this concert.

Karen Ridley

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