Aquatic Program

Your child will be taking part in our aquatic programme. The students will be participating in a wide variety of activities that will take into consideration their various skill levels with an emphasis on safety and co-operation. We hope to make it a challenging and safe learning experience for everyone. IF YOUR CHILD HAS ANY MEDICAL OR OTHER CONDITION WHICH MAY AFFECT HER/HIS SAFETY OR THAT MAY IN SOME WAY LIMIT FULL PARTICIPATION PLEASE ADVISE.

Please ensure that your child is properly equipped with a

one-piece bathing suit for the girls and lined and hemmed shorts or bathing suit for the boys. All students will be required to wear a bathing cap. They may be purchased from the pool office or from most sporting goods, department or drug stores. If you purchase one here the cost will be $2.50. Students may wear flip flops on the pool deck change room areas; these must have been worn indoors only.

Students will be given time to take a shower after swimming and since broken glass presents serious safety hazard we ask that you do not send glass containers.

Since swimming is an integral part of your child’s total learning experience, a note from you is necessary to excuse her/him from participating on any particular day. If a student is to be excused for two or more consecutive weeks for medical reasons, we would like a doctor’s medical certificate to keep on file.

Your children are supervised by the instructors and classroom teachers. To ensure your child’s safety during pool class, students have been instructed to never open the change room doors to the hallway. Since it is impossible for the swimming instructors to know all the students’ parents, guardians, siblings, and other relatives, we know you will understand why we will not allow others into the change rooms. If you must see or speak to your child for any reason, please check in at the school office first, then speak to the swimming instructors and they will give your child a message or bring your child to you.

As well as the regular class instruction, we offer a variety of extra-curricular activities.

If at any time you have concerns, please feel free to discuss them with instructors, Dale Johnson or Guy Allen. You may drop by the pool to talk or phone the school to leave a message. We will be more than happy to return your call.