Winter Policies


With a fresh blanket of snow on Saturday winter has reminded us that she is here to stay for a few months.  Below is some information and safety tips to keep everyone safe.  Please read these carefully and review them with your children.

Student Drop Off and Pick Up

  • Our drop-off areas are crowded at the best of times, but as the snow piles build they will get even smaller.  Dropping off your child on Windermere Avenue is a very unsafe practice, especially with the addition of ice and snow.
  • The official drop off location is on Waller Avenue, from which students can safely walk into our playground area.  Our parking lot is for staff parking and is very congested – when entering this parking lot please drive slowly and use extreme caution.
  • DO NOT park where you will block other cars.  Taking a few extra minutes to ensure your child is dropped off safely is worth it.

Inclement Weather Policy

  • On most winter days students will be going outside for recess and at lunch hour so please ensure they are dressed warmly so they can enjoy the outdoors.  Missing hats, boots, mitts, etc. – check out our lost and found in the basement.
  • When temperature and/or windchill factor indicates –20 to –28C, recesses may be shortened to 10 minutes and lunch recess to 20 minutes depending on local conditions. Children will be monitored closely for signs of frostnip, frostbite or difficulty breathing.
  • When temperature and/or windchill factor indicates -28C or lower children will remain indoors

School Closures

  • Occasionally, severe weather conditions may require the Toronto District School Board to cancel transportation and close schools. This may occur before the beginning of the school day or, if conditions become severe, during the school day.
  • The decision to close schools is made by the Director of Education.
  • Closure of schools or cancellation of transportation services will be announced by 6:15 am on major Toronto radio and TV stations and posted on the TDSB website at
  • Should schools close during the school day or transportation schedules change, announcements will be broadcast on the radio stations above by 12 noon and posted on the TDSB website.  Swansea School will stay open until parents have been contacted and every child is safely dismissed.  If there is no announcement and posting about schools closing before 12 noon, schools will remain open for the day.

Happy Winter

Karen Ridley


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