Weekly Update January 7, 2016

Happy New Year to our Swansea families!
We know that 2016 will be an exciting one for our school as we prepare for the opening of our new wing. You may have noticed that construction work continued over the holidays and much of the internal finishing work was completed. We are almost ready for opening! At this time, we are not able to confirm a move-in date, as we are waiting for a building inspection to confirm occupancy. Once an occupancy permit has been obtained, a move-in date will be shared.

We have started working with a Moving Coordinator who will be assisting teachers and students in making a smooth transition into the new wing later this month. More details will be shared closer to the time.

The following homeroom classes are scheduled to move. Below, we have listed the teacher’s name, the grade and the new classroom number:

Ms. Bruni – Grade 2 – Room 120
Mr. Ramanauskas – Grade 2 – Room 121
Mr. Allen – Grade 2/3 – Room 123
Ms. Kye – Grade 3 – Room 119
Ms. Romano – Grade 3/4 – Room 122
Ms. Orr-Lombardo – Grade 6 – Room G3
Mr. C. Higgins – Grade 7 – Room 211
Mr. M. Higgins – Grade 8 – Room 215
Ms. Yam – Grade 4 Ext Fre – Room 210
Ms. Munt – Grade 4 Ext Fre – Room G5
Mr. Hamor (Ms. Anderson) – Grade 5 Ext Fre – Room G6
Ms. Brock – Grade 5 Ext Fre – Room G4
Mr. Warr – Grade 6 Ext Fre – Room G2
Ms. Cameron – Grade 6 Ext Fre – Room G1
Ms. Chiu – Grade 8 Late Ext Fre – Room 218

Extended French
The on-line application process for Gr. 4 Extended French opened this week. More details are available at and the website for the on-line applications is Gr. 7 Late entry Extended French applications may be dropped off in our Main office. There is no on-line application process for Gr. 7 entry. The deadline for all applications is January 28th, 2016. An Extended French (Gr. 4 & Gr. 7) Information evening for parents has been scheduled for January 21st at 6:45 p.m., in our Library.

Parent Council Meeting: WED, JAN 13 @ 6:45 pm in the Library
Happy New Year Swansea parents! At our meeting next week we will have two special presentations. Officer Cynthia Kirou from Parking Enforcement West Toronto Police Services will be here to talk to us about our parking issues. If you’ve been one of the many parents concerned about illegal and unsafe parking around Swansea, please be sure to attend. Also, Swansea parent Yogendra Shakya will talk to us about possibly sponsoring a Syrian refugee family. If you cannot attend the meeting, but have a question or comment for Council, or if you are interested in volunteering, please email us at

Parent Consultations with TDSB
The TDSB is seeking parent input on two of their policies/ processes:
• The Pupil Accommodation Review Policy (which is a review of groups of schools with low enrolment that can potentially lead to school closures). Please note that with our high and growing enrollment that Swansea of course is not currently under consideration for closure.
• The Community Planning and Partnerships policy (which concerns potential partnerships with external organizations in operating schools that have unused space). Please note that with our high and growing enrollment that Swansea is unlikely to have unused space.

If you are interested in providing written feedback or attending a meeting about these policies, please visit this TDSB Pupil Accommodations Info 2016.

Swansea needs skates and helmets!
If you’d like to donate any used skates (hockey or figure) or especially helmets (skating helmets only please- no ski helmets, cages welcome but not required), please feel free to drop them off at the office. As you know, many of our classes skate every week at Rennie for the winter season, and these skates and helmets are used to outfit students whose families cannot purchase skates and helmets. Currently over 60 students are outfitted by this program so we need a large number of skates and helmets. Thank you Swansea!

Subway Sandwich Lunch
The first Subway Sandwich Lunch for students in grades 6-8 who ordered will be on Tuesday, January 12th.

Milk Program Begins January 13th
Just a reminder that the Milk program begins next Wednesday January 13th and will run every Wednesday until June. For those participating, milk will be picked up by the students in the lunchroom with the exception of JK/SK or any students that currently eat in their classroom. These students will have it delivered to their room.

Eco Club News:
The Eco Club is organizing a week-long waste-free lunch contest from January 18-20. Each day that week class Eco Reps will be collecting and weighing their class’s garbage and recording the weight. The class with the least amount of garbage at the end of the week will win a party-in-a-box.

Parking Committee at Swansea
Illegal parking continues to be a safety issue around the school with cars consistently parking over crosswalks, using accessible parking without a permit, and driving west along Waller to Windermere which is one-way west only during pick up and drop off times.

Parent Council have been looking into larger more long-term initiatives for parking. If you’d like to volunteer on a committee to help tackle this issue please contact Holly Stoddart at

Gr. 8 Grad Trip
Swansea will be offering gr. 8 students the opportunity to participate in a tour of Ottawa from June 22 – 24, 2016. A deposit is required for this trip. In order to register your child for this end of year experience, please register by visiting, no later than Jan 8th, 2016, and create your account using Tour Web Code 1815502. A deposit of $100 is required upon registration. If you choose to buy Travel Guard Insurance, the total deposit will be $138.00. More information on this experience will follow in the weeks to come.

Swansea Parent Council Website
The Parent Council Website can be found at This is a great place to find out what’s happening in your child’s classroom by reviewing the Google Calendar. School wide events, such as Pizza Lunch, Subway Days, and Swim days can also be found here. If you have any suggestions for improvement to the site, please email us at We welcome your suggestions on how we can communicate with Swansea families in the best possible way.

Swansea Spirit Wear!
Order forms for the Swansea Spirit Wear will be going home on Wednesday, December 16th, 2015. The deadline to submit an order will be Friday, January 15th, 2016. Crested and non-crested samples will be available to view after school from 3:10-3:30 pm outside the gym from January 4th to January 14th, 2016. New items and colours have been added to this year’s order form. Order forms can also be accessed from Swansea Spirit Wear.

Grade 8 Students and Parents
Humberside Collegiate Institute is hosting an Information Evening for grade 8s on Tuesday, January 12th at 7pm. Please see flyer for details.

Parent Workshop on Social Media: January 26th at 7pm
Swansea Public School is excited to host an information evening with Chris Vollum on January 26th at 7 pm. He will be speaking to our community about the remarkable potential of students and social media.
Chris Vollum is an Oakville-based parent and recognized advocate on numerous social platforms. Passionate about the remarkable potential of students and social media, Chris can usually be found in a school gym, auditorium, corporate venue or conference inspiring participants to have authentic and meaningful content creation online. Eight years and 400,000+ students later, the “Social Media Fitness” school and business presentations illustrate the “how to’s” and “whys” of the world’s most prominent social sites and apps including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Vine, Snapchat, Tumblr and ASK.FM.
More information about Chris and his workshops can be found on his website

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