We want your milk bags!

  • Swansea PS is collecting milk bags that will be crocheted into sleeping mats to be used in third world countries. Until June 12th we are asking you to drop off the outer milk bags (which holds the three inner ones) at the school office. Please ask your neighbours and family to do the same.
  • The milk bags will be sliced up into threads, and rolled into yarn. The yarn will be given to various craft groups to crochet waterproof, bug-resistant, cushioned sleeping mats.
  • Hundreds of these mats made their way to Haiti and to other third world countries to provide temporary or often permanent beds for adults and children. We have set up a display cabinet in front of the office with a real mat, as well as crochet sample for you and your children to see and touch. We encourage you to come by.
  • Mr. Firatli, the art teacher, is organizing some students to help slice and roll the yarn. Please let us know If you would like to help out.

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