Ward 7 update for February 2014

A) TDSB Associate Director, Carla Kisko, gave an outstanding presentation on the challenges facing the School Board and City around capital planning. After a lively discussion it was determined that these issues must become an issue in (as expected) upcoming elections.

One of the actions proposed was writing a letter to our City Council representatives, Gord Perks and Sarah Doucette requesting that the City consider a dedicated tax levy for the school board for maintenance of green space and renewal projects.


1.       No reduction to our operating grants
2.       Increase in capital funding
3.       Access to development levies from condos & new construction
4.       Creation of a dedicated City tax levy for the school board
5.       Selling properties is short sighted and bad planning
6.       Speed up and simplify Municipal Planning process
7.      Share responsibility for TDSB school sites with the City
B) Operating Budget:  a recommendation for a balanced budget will be going to March 5th Board for approval.  No school based staff reductions, any reductions result of declining enrollment. Elementary enrollment increasing – no reductions of staff.

C) Western Tech proposal passed the Programs Committee and will be voted on at the March 5th Board meeting.

D) French as a Second Language Advisory Committee (FSLAC): Extended French numbers are up for 2014/15. Swansea extended 61 placements.

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