Ward 7 meeting minutes

January Ward 7 meeting was held in Runnymede PS on Jan 21, 2014. Following was discussed:
– Michelle Munroe, TDSB Central Coordinator Parent Community and Community Involvement, gave an excellent presentation on Parent Involvement with an emphasis on Communication. Main message was to use communication media that fit with parent’s technical know-how, cultural preferences, and level of involvement. She also stated that school and community advocacy matters can be communicated via School Council  email, providing the message has been approved by the School Advisory Council, while matters communicated via the School email must have the approval of the Principal. Parent Councils can also advocate as wished, as long as they state in the communication that opinions are of the Parent Council, not the parents (unless explicit consent is given by parents to state so).

Trustee report:
– Western Tech revitalization proposal was pushed to February PSSC meeting due to lack of time in January meeting;
– There will be no fees charged for Parkdale CI International Baccalaureate program for next year or the foreseeable future;
– Budget cuts for this year are less severe than the last one (16MM vs 55MM), so only reductions anticipated would be a result of anticipated declining enrollment (5,000 elementary students, and 3,000 secondary ones less), no other recommendations for cuts;
– Other things mentioned: El Sistema music program at Parkdale PS; the lack of space in the schools, particularly elementary ones; SEAC Committee has a new Chair; PIAC report.

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