Walk a Child to School Day — Wed, Oct 5th

Swansea’s Walk a Child to School Day is Wed. Oct 5th.

All walking school buses leave at 8:00am in order to be at the school at 8:15am!

8:00 – walking school buses leave with police escorts

8:15 – walking school buses arrive at school

8:30 – snacks, entertainment, etc.

8:45 – O’Canada and speeches in Front/West Yard

Walking School Buses will be travelling on the following routes:

1. from the north east corner of Windermere and the Queensway up
Windermere to the school.
2. from the south east corner of South Kingsway up Morningside hill to
the school and

3. from the south west corner of Beresford and Bloor down Beresford to
Deforest turn west over to Lavinia turn south to Waller turn west to
Windermere and into the school

Volunteers are needed for the Walking School Buses and at the school. Students can sign up in the office and adults can contact Virginia Wheeler directly at gindywheeler@hotmail.com


Help your classroom win the Silver Shoe or Golden Shoe Award!

Get out your running shoes and walk to school! It’s fun!

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