Volunteers Needed for QSP Campaign!!!

We need your help!! The Swansea QSP fundraising campaign is scheduled for September 2015 and volunteers are desperately needed to run this fundraiser! The QSP campaign raises over $13,400 for important Swansea programs and, without these funds, Scientists in the School and the Apple program will be cancelled. Also, without these funds, council will be unable to buy any further computers, literacy materials or musical instruments for the school. Without the necessary volunteers, the QSP fundraising campaign will have to be cancelled.

Volunteers need to be available for about a month, committing 1-2 hours a day. Most of the work can be done from home but volunteers must be available to pick up and drop off orders and prizes at school daily.  If you are interested in volunteering or in getting more information, please contact Yvette Parker at yparker@me.com


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