Typhoon Haiyan Relief Fund – Mr. C. Higgins

Following the news of Typhoon Haiyan, the newly formed Swansea Senior Boys Club decided to raise funds for the Red Cross to provide assistance to the victims of this catastrophe. The boys made a school-wide appeal, and worked throughout the following week collecting and counting donations. By Monday, November 25, the total raised was $1,966.23. Once again, the students and families of Swansea have shown a sense of compassion and commitment to those in need. Mr. Higgins and Mr. Soble worked as facilitators for the boys, and were impressed by the initiative and independence shown by the group. Special thanks to Ryan Kuhar, Rowan Rockley, Liam Vukasinovic, Ivan Popovic-Laine, Casey Higgins, Omar Mohamud, Matthias Marcos and Noah Enkin.

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