Swansea Pub Night – Tickets now on sale!

New Swansea fundraising event- for grown-ups. Swansea Pub Night is happening Friday February 24 at Earth Bloor West.

Book a sitter, book your spouse and plan to head up to Bloor and Jane for an evening of live music, socializing and fundraising for Swansea P.S. 

Tickets are now on sale!! To order tickets, email swanseapubnight@nafor.com or visit/call the school office (416-393-9080).


Also, tickets will be on sale outside the school office 8:30-9 and 3-3:30 Jan 16-20. Entry to the event is $40 per person; and every ticket comes with a $25 gift card for Earth!

Order tickets, volunteer or donate silent auction items at swanseapubnight@nafor.com.   Proceeds are going towards school-wide resources, e.g. new computers and additional smartboards.
If you’re looking to contribute while enjoying yourself, Swansea Pub Night is for you!


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