September Placement

The process of student placement followed at Swansea Public School is a collaborative one that has input from these sources:

  • Sending and receiving teachers
  • Principal, vice principal
  • Support personnel (where appropriate)

Before the end of the school year several meetings will be devoted to student placement. During these meeting the best possible educational experience for your child will be given the utmost consideration. Parent information shared throughout the year at parent/teacher conferences will be helpful as the Swansea teachers discuss the student placement process and consider the following:

  • Balance of numbers in a class
  • Ministry of Education primary class size caps
  • Ratio of males and females in a class
  • Balance of students’ levels of English Language Proficiency
  • Balance of academic performance according to Ministry expectations
  • Consideration of possible peer influences
  • Social, emotional and physical needs of the student

While we try to accommodate parent suggestions, please understand that a great deal of time and consideration will be devoted to the student placement decision. If there is information you feel should be considered by the committee regarding your child’s placement, please submit it in writing to Ms. Ridley by Friday, May 16, 2014. Your information/requests should indicate your child’s needs and program preferences, as opposed to names of teachers. Your child’s placement and classroom will be on the June report card. Due to fluctuations in staffing over the summer, teacher names will not be given until the first day of school – Tuesday, September 2, 2014.

We appreciate your trust in our professional judgement in balancing the considerations mentioned above. The final decision for class placements in the responsibility of the Principal.

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