School Safety

Parents Play a Large Part in School Safety

Parents are asked to do their part at home and at school. Say goodbye to your child in the playground so teachers can escort them in and start their day quickly. Whenever you visit the school, please sign in at the office first.
· Keep the school office informed of any changes in address and/or phone numbers
· Keep an up-to-date emergency contact list on school records
· It is important that students, especially younger ones, know their home telephone number and parents’ contact numbers.
Parents should also be aware that while it is important to label children’s backpacks, etc., for identification purposes, your child’s name should not be visible from the outside. Young children can be easily fooled by someone who appears to know them, but who has just read the child’s name written on
the outside of a backpack or T-shirt.

Pedestrian/Traffic Rules

The safety of students coming and going is of great concern. We advise families and staff:
· to walk if possible;
· to observe all traffic and parking signs;
· and to NOT drop off or pick up on Windermere Ave. as it is unsafe due to heavy traffic.

In the interests of the safety of all of our students, please observe all traffic and parking signs. Please do not block our neighbours’ driveways or park on their sidewalks.

Remember: Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should children be dropped off or picked up on either side of Windermere Avenue and/or the South Staff Parking lot.

Crossing Guard

Any concerns with the crossing guards should be brought to the attention of the principal. The crossingguard
coordinator can be reached at 416-808-1200, 12th division.


Swansea has three playgrounds: one for the Kindergarten in
the north-west yard, an adjacent one in the west yard for
Grades 1-3, and one in the east yard and the playing field
for Grades 4-8.
The following rules apply to the playgrounds during and
after school hours:
· scarves, shoelaces, ties and loose clothing should be
· balls or ropes are not allowed on the climbing
· poles and slides are for one at a time and DOWN only;
· only soft balls are allowed on school property;
· no inline skates, skateboards, scooters or bicycles;
bicycle racks are available outside the Swansea Community
Centre and on the south-west side of the school;
· in winter and spring the hill to the playing field will be
closed if deemed unsafe due to ice or mud;
· students in the east yard are not permitted to go
beyond the field into the Rennie Rink parking lot or into the
treed areas.


Student “Peacemakers” monitor the primary schoolyard during recess. These grade 5 students are trained to mediate verbal conflicts and to motivate positive play. They are supervised and aided at all times by an on duty staff member.

TDSB Code of Conduct

“The TDSB will not tolerate behaviour which jeopardizes the emotional well-being or physical safety of members of the school community.” TDSB Code of Conduct, Policy Number P.044

For the benefit of everyone in its schools, the TDSB enforces its code of conduct. At the same time, however, the decision to discipline a student is not taken lightly. Principals employ progressive discipline and have the authority to consider the student’s history and other circumstances when deciding the
duration of the suspension or expulsion. Although some suspensions and expulsions are mandatory school administrators always consider mitigating factors and use fairness and common sense when applying consequences.

To view the Code of Conduct policy, visit the TDSB web site at, choose the “About Us” button and select “Policies.”

Building Security

Swansea has done a great deal to ensure a safe environment for everyone. Safety measures include:
· All school entrances are now locked outside of regular school entry times.
· Admittance to the school is by buzzer located at the main doors (west side of school).
· Visitors to the school must sign in at the office and wear visitor tags.
· If signing your child out, go to the main office, staff will call your child’s classroom and your child will be sent to the office.
· At pick up time, wait outside for your child.
· Always inform the teacher in writing should there be a change in your child’s pick-up routine.
Students arriving late must enter the school through the main doors on Windermere Avenue and report to the office to sign in. This will help avoid unnecessary calls home.

Safe Schools Committee

As with all TDSB schools, Swansea has a Safe Schools Committee where parents, educators and community members work together to ensure a harmonious place of learning for all. Our Safe Schools Plan includes prevention strategies and intervention initiatives which foster peaceful problem-solving.

Please inquire at the school office for more information.


Current legislature states that parents of children found vandalizing can be held responsible for the repair costs. It is hoped everyone will respect the school building and property and realize that these abuses make it more difficult for those of us who wish to grow, learn and work in an environment of mutual respect, understanding and tolerance.

Dog Policy

It is unlawful to bring dogs onto school property. Many of our students have allergies or fears related to animals. In addition, we cannot have dog excrement on our school grounds. Parents and local dog owners are requested to walk their dogs elsewhere. We also remind you that it is the responsibility of the dog owner/walker to clean up after the dog every time. We thank you in
advance for your compliance with this regulation.