School Communication and Being Involved

Communicating with Your Child’s Teacher

· To make the most of your child’s education, it is important to address any questions or concerns with your child’s teacher as soon as they arise. This can be done by writing a note to the teacher in your child’s agenda or by calling the school and leaving a message for the teacher.

· If concerns remain after discussing them with the teacher, the principal should be contacted. If unresolved issues still remain, the Superintendent of Schools can be contacted.

Other Forms of School Communication

Swansea communicates regularly with parents in several ways, including:
· Listserve – The best way for parents to keep up-to-date is to subscribe to the school listserve. As part of its EcoSchool initiative, the school is committed to reducing the amount of paper that gets sent home. To sign up, please send an email to
· The Agenda — At the beginning of each school year parents are required to purchase through the school an agenda for each student. Agendas are used by parents and teachers to write notes to one another, and by students to record homework.
· Swansea Bulletin — The Bulletin is a publication produced by Swansea School Council, four times each school year. It is a terrific resource for school news, events, sports scores, etc
· Swansea Public School website — A forum for school information, innovative student pod casts
· Curriculum Night — Held early each fall; a great opportunity to meet the teacher and learn what your child will be studying.
· Interviews and report cards — Report cards are sent home in November, February and the end of June. Parents are invited to book interviews at these times. Copies of reports are kept in children’s permanent Ontario School Record (OSR) files, available for viewing upon request.
· Conferences — Teachers will meet at your request at any time.

Getting in touch

If you wish to talk to your child, your child’s teacher or another staff member, write a note or call the office: 416-393-9080 to leave a message. Please note that the office staff are busy, so please limit calls unless it is urgent. Similarly, parents are asked to provide their child’s teacher and the office with up-to-date information on how they can be reached during the day and evening. Students may use the office phone, with permission, in special circumstances and emergencies only.


· Homework is an extension of learning, whether pursued independently by the student or with support and involvement of parents. Homework helps keep parents better informed of the themes and topics studied and of specific assignments to be explored and completed.

· Parents are encouraged to discuss homework assignments and check for their completion regularly. Students in grades 1 – 8 have agenda books where homework assignments are recorded. If there are any concerns, parent should contact the teacher about the work. Through homework activities, teachers also have the chance to communicate with parents.

· A regular time and a quiet place are ideal for students to think critically, organize their homework and do their best.

School Support Team

As with every TDSB school, Swansea has a school support team (SST), which meets on a regular basis to assist student learning. Students are referred to the
SST by their classroom teacher, with parental consent.

The Team may include:
· Swansea School administration (Principal and Vice-principal)
· a Methods and Resource Teacher (MART)
· a psycho-educational consultant
· a social worker
· a speech and language pathologist
· a guidance counsellor

The SST provides information for the Identification, Placement and Review Committee (IPRC), which
determines if a student is to be identified as exceptional and requires a Special Education placement.

Contact the Swansea office for the schedule of available SST members.

Lost and Found

· The school maintains a Lost and Found box, located in the basement. Valuable found items are kept in the school office. The Swansea Community Centre and the kindergarten also maintain a Lost and Found collection, so it is wise to check all three locations.
· It is a good practice to put your child’s name on the inside of all his or her belongings, wherever possible.
· Lost and found items will be sent to a charity at the end of each term.


· Swansea encourages parents and caregivers to become involved in the life of the school. Please speak with your child’s teacher to discuss the range of opportunities.

· The TDSB requires all school volunteers to complete a Criminal Background Check. Please contact the office to arrange one.

· Volunteers in the school must report to the office to pick up a visitor’s pass before proceeding to the classroom.

Swansea School Council

Swansea Public School has an active School Council, which is a Ministry mandated advisory body that meets on the third Wednesday of every month to support initiatives through a variety of committee and volunteer activities.

All parents are invited to all Swansea School Council (SSC) meetings and are eligible for membership on the Council.

The Swansea School Council’s mission statement is as follows:

The School Council is a collaborative and cooperative body whose mission is to facilitate a partnership between members of the Swansea School Community and to aspire to the highest possible standards of education in an inclusive, nurturing, safe and challenging environment.

Goals of the SSC include promoting and maintaining a positive and safe educational, social and physical school environment for all students, parents and staff, as well as providing advice to the Principal and where appropriate to the School Board on any matters of concern to the education of Swansea students.

Swansea School Council members participate on Health & Safety, Communication , Education and Fundraising committees as well as other school mandated and TDSB mandated committees. In addition, ad hoc working groups are often established with Swansea Staff to work on short-term projects to benefit our school community.

Involvement in our School council is a great way to learn what’s happening at Swansea Public School!

Copies of the SSC constitution/by-laws are in the main school office and available online at

Swansea School Council invites you to stay connected and informed of current educational issues, upcoming events and public meetings of concern to our school community.

Got questions? Send an email to


Swansea Public School follows Toronto District School Board protocol in relation to the collection, use, disclosure and retention of personal information. This means that the office will not release your name or phone number for anything other than school business. Information collected by the school and SSC is never released to marketers.