Program and School Services Committee meeting on January 21 on Extended Grade 7 French

The following update is prepared by Sarah Doucette, our School Council’s Ward 7 representative.

January 21st Program and School Services Committee meeting at the TDSB Head Office regarding the Extended French Grade 7 Entry Phase Out

After deputations from parents, students, graduate students, council chairs, the FSLAC, and recommendations from Nadine Segal on behalf of the TDSB were presented, a motion was passed that the Program and School Services Committee will recommend the following to the Board:

(a) That consideration of the matter of phasing out the Grade 7 entry point for the Extended French program be postponed pending,
(i) further consultation, including with students who stay in the program
(ii) further analysis of students who succeed in the program
(iii) completion of the program review by the Ministry of Education and that staff present a further report when the above has been completed;

(b) That staff be permitted to phase out programs when program viability is a concern.

All four Trustees on the PSSC who were there voted in favour of this motion.

This motion will now go to the full Board meeting on February 4th
where all the Trustees will get to vote.

Thank you once again to those who provided us with your input which we
passed onto the PSSC meeting.

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