Principal’s Message

At Swansea……Parents are our Partners

We know that by now you’re getting the most accurate feedback about school that’s available–the reflections, observations and comments of your children! We hope they have had positive stories to share with you. We enjoyed seeing all our families for the Welcome Back Party this week and thank Kimberley Wakefield for organizing this event and the many parent volunteers who made this evening possible.

In fact, this is just one of the many events and fundraisers that parents organize for our school each year. Please watch for our weekly communications that will highlight up-coming events and how parents can help and become involved. This month, our QSP Magazine Fundraising drive begins with a kick-off assembly on September 26th.   This fundraiser is organized by Dede Dorsey, Antonia Williams and Yvette Parker.  Through fundraisers such as this, we are able to generate some much needed extra funds for our school. This allows us the opportunity to enrich all our programs from Kindergarten to Grade 8. Last year, improvements to the Library, and the addition of updated technological equipment were made possible as a result of the hard work and fundraising efforts of our parents.

We are extremely fortunate to have an extremely supportive and involved Parent Council. In fact, studies show that student success is directly related to parental involvement.  We will continue to have this strong involvement and include parents in setting goals for our children. There is an African proverb that says, “It takes a village to raise a child”. This certainly appears to be true at Swansea!

One of my first tasks this past August was to meet with Heather Chiavegato (Co-Chair Parent Council) and Megan Davies‎ (Vice-Chair Parent Council).   This was an opportunity to hear about the overwhelmingly supportive parents at Swansea.  I was most impressed with the organization, partnership and support of parents.  I have received a very warm welcome from everyone I have met, and it is very evident from my conversations that parents approach their child’s education as a shared responsibility, and are dedicated to working with staff to make Swansea an enriching place for learning. We hope that parents will continue to attend our meetings–usually on the third Wednesday of each month. Our first meeting is planned for Wednesday, September 17th at 6:45 p.m., in the Library.   This is a great forum for parents to receive information about the school, to ask questions and offer suggestions.

We welcome everyone’s participation in the life of our school and hope that you will become involved in one or more of our volunteer programs. Please refer to the attached list (online) for all of the details.

We’re looking forward to a strong and positive home/school connection that will nurture, foster and promote some great achievements and returns for our students–your children.

Yours in education,

Mary Salvarinas, Principal

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