Poll for Fundraising

Dear Swansea Parents:

Our Council is trying something very new by implementing our very first online poll in order to solicit your opinion. If this pilot project (which is about a very important issue) becomes successful, we would be able to offer a new way for our parents to be more involved in the different decisions the Parent Council has to make on behalf of Parents.
Each household gets one vote.

In which fundraising event would you most likely to participate in order to raise money for the improvement of the East Yard Playground? (VOTE BELOW)
1. Putting on the Ritz – Four-course sit down dinner for 200 people at a high-end destination (i.e. Old Mill), silent auction, band and dancing. $100 a ticket. Projected revenue $10-15,000.

2. Dream Auction – A live and silent auction for 100 people at a free venue (i.e., Town Hall). Free Desserts and cash bar.  Musicians to play during viewing. $20 a ticket. Projected revenue $6,000.

3. Catered Party – A party for 100 people at a free venue (i.e., Town Hall) where catered Hors D’oeuvres and wine will be served. Silent auction, band and dancing to follow. $50-75 a ticket. Projected revenue is $8-10,000.

As I choose option 4. I am sending you my idea on how to raise money for the East Yard Playground equipment.

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