Positions and Nominations

If you are interested in the issues and events that affect the students, parents, staff and the larger Swansea community, then plan to join us at Council meetings in the new school year. Council meetings are a great place to meet one another, to learn and have your voice heard.

In fact, we encourage everyone to nominate themselves or a friend for a seat on the Council, where you can enjoy direct influence over the decisions made there. We discuss and vote on everything from the Craft Sale and the dance-a-thon to how resources should be used and money spent. Plus we have a lot of fun! By working together, we strive to make Swansea Public School the best school that it can be.

There are 10 seats on Council. Once Council is elected (or acclaimed, if only 10 or fewer parents nominate themselves) then Council members select their roles.

For a complete description of portfolios/positions, please review the list. The self-nomination form is available to candidates here.

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