Current Members

Parent Members of the 2017-18 Council:

  • Carina Neuman, Co-Chairperson
  • Jennifer Shragge, Co-Chairperson
  • Maya Shenoy Catsaros, Secretary
  • Dennis Menikefs, Treasurer
  • Rose Le Blanc, Chairperson- Communications Committee
  • Monica Ly, Chairperson- Fundraising Committee
  • Michelle Hillier-Bussell, Chairperson- Education Committee
  • Holly Stoddart, Chairperson- Health & Safety Committee
  • Milos Sladic, Ward 7 Representative
  • Stevie Yap, Parent Engagement

Other members of Council (appointed)

  • Mary Salvarinas, Principal
  • Cherril George, Vice Principal
  • Natalie Patterson, Vice Principal
  • Alicia Orr-Lombardo, Teacher Representative
  • TBD, Staff (non-teacher) Representative
  • TBD, Student Representative
  • Ed Gaigalas, Swansea Town Hall Representative
  • Charlene Elliot, Swansea Kids Place Representative
  • Ayan Kaillie & Sherry Ellis, Swansea Mews Representatives (shared)
  • TBD, Swansea Rec Centre Representative


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