IT Updates – Mr. C. Higgins

Urban Voices

Swansea is proud to announce that the poems of Rachel and Shambavi of 8B, and Madelief of 5A, have been accepted for publication in this year’s Urban Voices, the TDSB’s annual poetry anthology.

WR6 Film Festival

In the Junior IT program, Ms. Romano’s grade 4/5 class created an anti-bullying video, titled “Imagine…A Day in the Life”), that was to be screened at the AGO’s Jackman Hall on May 7. Due to a conflict with our school musical, the class could not be present for the film festival, which is a joint venture with our Family of Schools.

School Climate Survey

The school climate survey, a board-wide survey of grade 4-6 students’ feelings about their school, has been conducted and submitted online in IT class.

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