Grant Meeting

For the last three years the Ministry of Education has provided some grants to school councils in order to help them implement projects that would help parents to be more involved with our school.
In previous years we have received grant money for the following:

– Welcome Back Party
– Swansea Parent Handbook
– It takes a Village

We are looking to submit an application to receive a grant for the year 2009, and your input and ideas would be much appreciated.

Please email me to or call me on 416-766-3663, with your suggestions to be considered for this year’s application, or consider attending our “Grant Meeting”, on Wednesday, October 15 (exact time to be determined and posted on our SITE), as our deadline for submission is October 24.

Thank you,
Eva Ballentine

To learn more about this grant, please visit the following links:
Grant Application Guidelines
Application Form in PDF format

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