Fundscrip — deadline April 29th

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and our next Fundscrip Order is timed just right to have you covered!  Here are a few ideas to pamper her:

  •  A $25 gift card for LUSH; and Swansea receives  8%  *(special offer) and New Retailer just added!
  • A $25 gift card for the Body Shop; and Swansea receives 5%
  • A $50 gift card for WaySpa, and Swansea receives 10% *
  • Or perhaps another new retailer is more her style: a $50 gift card for GolfTown; and Swansea receives 4%  *

*  A current Spring promotion is providing increased returns for Swansea on some of your favourite retailers and also some new ones.

The next Fundscrip Order is due next Friday April 29th.  Orders will be arriving at school on Thursday May 5th.  You can send an email with your order directly to me or send the form into the office with your cheque.

Or you can order online at

If you have any questions about ordering or Fundscrip in general, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will help you out however I can.

Thanks again for your continued support with this program!

Sally Chown

Swansea Fundscrip Administrator

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