From the School Council – Oct 5, 2011

Our QSP Magazine Drive is in FULL SWING!

Last Friday, you should have received a QSP package from your homeroom teacher. Time to get selling those magazines! ONLINE is best for everyone… and easiest!!! Order your magazines at   The code is 9218.

QSP is one of Swansea’s biggest fundraising initiatives. It is fun for the kids (if you place an order, your child will soon arrive home with a weepul on their arm!) but also helps to provide valuable extracurricular programs like Scientists in the School and other council sponsored initiatives. The campaign runs until October 17th but don’t delay!! The school earns a profit on Magazines sold and you get magazines sold at discount prices!!!! Get yours today!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hair Whisperers still needed!

Volunteers perform lice checks on classes.  Training provided.  Volunteers especially needed for the following classes:  Kindergarten am (Barbe), Mark, Matheson, Wright, Warr, Stuart, Laredo.  If you can help contact Heather Chiavegato (

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