From the School Council – Oct 4, 2012

Next Education Committee meeting

Wednesday, October 10th  — 6:45PM in the library (second floor – enter school through comm. centre doors)

Special Education Inclusion Town Hall Meeting

Hosted by the TDSB, discussion will be around parents’ response to this question: Imagine that you and your child are in 2014. Describe in detail what has changed from 2012 to 2014 that has contributed to achieving this vision. What new and different inclusive practices are in the classroom, in the school, and in our communities? More info.

QSP Magazine Drive

The QSP Magazine fundraiser has officially begun!  Your support helps our school! Last year we raised 13,000 towards programs and events at Swansea. On Friday, each child was given a Lanyard- please help your child keep track of it  With every magazine order you make, you child will collect a penguin to attach to it!  The kids are already very excited about this campaign. Please support Swansea buy taking the time to purchase a magazine!

Please help your child Remember our fundraising safety tips:
-never sell door to door
-never talk to strangers
-always ask parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and neighbours you know well! Thanksgiving is the perfect time to do this!

Visit to access all of the amazing magazines online- and place your orders ONLINE! It’s very easy. Swansea’s Group code is 9218.

Walk A Child to School Day – Wednesday, October 10th

All “Walking School Buses” will be leaving their corners at 8:00am in order to be at the school for 8:15am in time for refreshments and entertainment all before the morning bell at 8:45am.– get more details

Pizza Day

Popular Pizza Days will be starting back up in November! Look for the Pizza Day form in your child’s knapsack this week or print off the form from Parent Council’s blog.

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