From the Principal’s Desk – Oct 18, 2012

Volunteer Police Checks

Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers who have returned to Swansea this year to support our students.  Every volunteer at Swansea PS must have a current Police Reference Check.  If you already have a Police Reference Check then all you need to do is sent me an email with the following statement or print this off and drop it by the office.

I declare, since the last Criminal Background Check collected by the Board or the Ontario College of Teachers, as the case may be, that: Up to and including the date of this declaration, I have no convictions under the Criminal Code of Canada, or convictions for which a pardon has been issued or granted under the Criminal Records Act (Canada).

If you have not applied for a Police Reference Check then please drop by the office for an application form.

Walk Your Child to School Day

Thank you to everyone who helped make our Walk Your Child to School Day a huge success.

  • Virginia Wheeler for all of her hard work in organizing this event and her amazing team of volunteers – Karey Heard, Kimberley Wakefield, Kathleen Oginski, Paula Hilborn, Sheryl Tenszen & Tara Vansen
  • Swansea School Council for sponsoring this event
  • MP Peggy Nash & City Councillor Sarah Doucette for showing their support, by walking with the students from Windermere and The Queensway
  • The Grades 1, 2 & 3 classes that made all of the fantastic posters that have decorated the hallways this past week as well as Mme Heenan & Mme Wright’s classes for making the French posters
  • Our DJs Marko & Egan and Mr. Chauhan to help them set up the sound equipment
  • The 11th Division Police for escorting our Walking School Buses
  • Mrs West and the National Anthem Choir
  • Swansea School of Dance students for leading our morning stretch
  • All the parents and students who walked and participated in Walk A Child to School Day

We hope that you will all carry on this tradition and continue to walk your child to school.


TTC Photo Cards

TTC photos will be taken on Friday, October 19th at 2:00 pm.  The cost of a photo card is $5.25.  Students MUST HAVE EXACT CHANGE.  The office will not be able to provide change for students. 

Photo card applications will be distributed to grade 7 & 8 students early next week.

Halloween Parade

Halloween is almost upon us and Swansea will be having their Annual Halloween Parade on Wednesday, October 31st at 1:00 pm.  This year we are offering an alternative program for students who do not celebrate Halloween.  There is a letter being sent home today regarding Halloween, so please complete and return if you do not wish your child to participate in the Halloween Parade.

 Parents are reminded that Swansea is a peanut/nut safe school and all treats should be individually wrapped and peanut/nut free.  More information about this will be sent home closer to Halloween.

VP Absence

Cherril George, our vice principal, will be on a 6 week medical leave.  We wish her a speedy recovery.  Dave O’Brien will be covering in her absence.


Upcoming Dates

·         October 19th – TTC Photo Day (Grade 7 & 8)

·         October 31st – Halloween Parade – 1:00 pm

·         November 1st – Etobicoke School of the Arts Open House

·         November 6th – Ursula Franklin Academy Open House

·         November 9th – 10:30 am – Remembrance Day Assembly


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