From the Principal’s Desk — May 25, 2011

Cell Phones

Last week the TDSB Board of Trustees passed a new cell phone policy.  Over the next few weeks Swansea staff will be reviewing our policy on cell phones to comply with the TDSB policy.  For the remainder of the school year it will be status quo – cell phones are not allowed in class or during school hours.  Our updated policy will be in effect in September 2011.

120th Celebration

Our big celebration is finally here.  On May 27th drop by Swansea between 1 pm and 3 pm and see staff and students reliving Swansea’s past and at 8 pm come celebrate with us at the 120th dance hosted by the Swansea Community Recreation Centre – tickets are $15.00.

Bell Hall

By the end of this week our Bell Hall renovations will finally be finished.  This took many volunteer hours to complete so thank you to everyone who helped out – designing, building, painting and scouring archives.  It was a true community effort and is a wonderful reflection of our past – Swansea has a lot to be proud of.

Milk Bags

We are still collecting milk bags that will be crocheted into sleeping mats to be used in third world countries. Please check out our display across the school office, and drop off your outer milk bags in the office.

– Karen Ridley

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