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Please note that Explore It! classes in the Fall session have been cancelled due to low enrollment.  If you are interested in Explore It! classes in the Winter or Spring sessions, please submit your comments below.  Thank you!

Magic!: Abracadabra! Join us to explore the mystical world of magical arts and theatricality. Magic offers amazement, excitement and mystery, but it must also entertain those you are performing for – you may already know a simple card trick or two – but can you make it come to life on a stage? With us, you’ll learn loads of tricks – like how to make cards appear, coins disappear and read people’s minds… but we’ll also teach you how to entertain a crowd! If you’ve always wanted to get up on stage and mystify an audience – this is the program for you – join us this term for a truly magical experience!

Clay Creations: In this fun program, young students will explore the many wonders of clay! In addition to building fine motor skills, children will learn the fundamental techniques associated with building, shaping and molding their clay creations. Students will work with a rainbow of colours to create their one of a kind designs; and, with plenty of guidance from an instructor, projects will include making and painting beads, building whimsical decorations, and creating 3-D clay art. The possibilities are endless with a block of clay in a child’s creative hands!

Program:,Magic!,Clay Creations
Start Date:,Tues. Oct. 1,Wed. Oct. 2
End Date:,Tues. Nov. 19,Wed. Nov. 20
Duration:,8 weeks,8 weeks
Cost:,$123 + HST,$123 + HST
Minimum:,6 per class,6 per class
Maximum:,20 per class,20 per class

Please feel free to contact our office with any questions you may have at;
Phone: 416-417-0477
Email: register@exploreitall.ca

Explore It!

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