Council Mtg – Feb 16, 2011

Did you know …. that Swansea Public School is at 120% of capacity?

Did you know …. that there is an estimated $6,000,000 maintenance backlog at our school?

Did you know …. that All Day Kindergarten will be coming to Swansea, likely in 2014.

All parents and guardians are encouraged to attend the School Council meeting on February 16, 2011 at 6:45PM in the school library.

Irene Atkinson, our Ward 7 School Trustee, will be coming to speak to us about these issues and what the government and the TDSB are proposing to deal with these situations and what we as parents can do to contribute to a solution. 

If you feel this doesn’t concern you, as your kids will be past Kindergarten, keep in mind the government has so far, provided no capital funding for this initiative and had indicated to boards that classroom being used for other should be turned back to classrooms to meet the space requirements. Depending on the layout of the classrooms, this could include art, drama or music rooms.  As well, it is not clear how programs, such as Swansea Kids Place (SKP) will fit into this model or space constraints.

In addition, there will be a presentation by Rebuild Our Schools,

Bring your questions. And if you can’t be there, feel free to send your questions in advance to

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