Swansea Weekly Update: September 21, 2017

Thank you

When I started attending Council meetings 12 years ago, our school was only half the size it is now.   Swansea has changed!  Over the years, Council has added more and more programs and events, raised more money than ever ($100 000 this year!), formalized our communications to parents, clarified and improved our policies, defined our roles, advocated for students’ needs and got better at including and managing our parent volunteers.   Our Parent Council is the envy of other schools in the area.   We are blessed to have a talented school administration, live in an intertwined community, have hardworking and skilled Council members, and have among the most engaged parents in the city.   All this has helped make Swansea a fabulous school and helped every one of our wonderful students achieve their potential.

After 4 years as Chair of Council and many more as a Council member, I’ll be taking a break this year. I truly love to lead, so I’d like to thank Swansea parents for giving me the opportunity to serve as your Chair all these years.   It’s been great!

Heather Chiavegato

Chair, Swansea Parent Council 2013-2017

Trustee Pilkey’s Newsletter

For information on Communication protocols and updates from TDSB Trustee for Ward 7, click on this link.  Trustee Pilkey Newsletter_Legal__Aug 18.pdf FINAL 2Print

Grade 8 to 9 Transition Information

The transition from grade 8 to 9 is an exciting time for both parents and students, offering many choices and opportunities. While it may seem early in the year, we want to offer students and their families time to thoughtfully consider their options. Ms. Bryer, our school guidance counsellor will be meeting with all grade 8 classes in the next few weeks to outline the process and provide information to the students about making choices for grade nine. There will also be an information evening offered to parents in October. Look for a date coming soon!

In order to provide specific information about secondary schools and programs, all secondary schools in the TDSB offer open house evenings. This is an excellent opportunity to visit schools of interest and hear directly from their staff about the programs, courses and extracurricular opportunities that are offered. We know that this can be a busy time for families, so to facilitate planning, here is a link to the list of dates of open house evenings for all schools in the TDSB:



Dental Screening at Swansea begins the week of September 25th

Annually, a dental hygienist visits our school to identify children with oral health problems.  This program is offered in accordance with Ontario Ministry of Health requirements for mandatory health programs.  This year the screening is scheduled from 25th September to 18th October. During this time, the dental hygienist will assess the need for topical fluoride, scaling, sealant and any other obvious dental needs for each child.  See Parent Letter – Swansea Dental

 International Language Programs at Swansea

The TDSB will be offering Serbian and Spanish lessons for students on Wednesdays at Swansea.  Registration is on October 4th and programs begin on October 11th.  Please see SWANSEA PS International Languages for details.

In addition, we are currently gauging interest in starting a Chinese language program (simplified Mandarin or Cantonese) at Swansea Public School on Wednesdays 3:30-6pm.  The TDSB offers international language classes for all children in JK to Grade 8 at a cost of $20/child for the school year.  Please email 2017chinese@gmail.com if you have any questions and if your child is interested, please indicate if you prefer Mandarin or Cantonese.

Team Building At High Park: Grade 7 & 8

On Tuesday, September 26th all grade 7 and 8 students will be walking to High Park following lunch to participate in an afternoon of team-building. Students will be mixed up into different groupings and will work together participate in various games and activities. Students are asked to dress for the weather, including bringing a reusable water bottle.

 Terry Fox Run Information

For information on this year’s Terry Fox Run, please read: Terry Fox Run. Students are encouraged to bring a Toony for Terry to help raise funds for the Terry Fox Foundation.

 Pizza Lunch

Pizza days are back!! Starting this October. More information to follow.

 Gr. 6 Monocliffs Outdoor Education Trip

Our Grade 6 students enjoyed a great time at Mono Cliffs last week.  This Gr. 6 Monocliffs newsletter has all the details.

Grades 1,2, & 3 Running Club:

Running club is underway on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 10:00 a.m., and we run on the field for approximately ten minutes.  The cross-country race will be held on October 4th.  This is the only race for grade 1’s and 2’s.  There is another race on October 17th if the grade 3’s qualify after the first meet.  It is at Centennial Park.  In order to qualify to go to the first race 1’s and 2’s should be able to run three laps in the time available & Gr. 3’s should be able to run 4 laps to qualify.

The race is optional!!  Permission forms will be available for interested students on Friday, September 22nd.

Mr. Chauhan, Primary Phys Ed

 Orange Shirt Day

Swansea will observe Orange Shirt Day on September 29 this year.  Please remind your child to wear an orange shirt to school on this day to show respect for residential school survivors.  Here is a link that explains the origin of this day: http://www.orangeshirtday.org/

Shoebox Gift Drive

This year, Swansea Public School would like to participate in the Shoebox Gift Drive sponsored by the charitable organization I Love First Peoples.  This organization does outreach to First Nations Communities across the country.  Please visit their website here:


The object of the drive is quite simple and is optional.  Our students in grade 5-8 are invited to purchase and prepare a gift box of small items suitable for a First Nations child.  Students are encouraged to work with a partner.

We ask that the items be new, and that we aim for a few quality items (rather than multiple cheap items that will soon break).  Students include a message of friendship in the box.  I Love First Peoples will then ensure delivery of the boxes by plane to remote reserve communities in need, using your additional $5 donation.

Please note that basic school supplies are provided by the schools.   Other suitable items are listed in the organization’s flyer attached (here).  Again, new items only please.

There will be donation boxes in each grade 5-8 homeroom class.

Students in Kindergarten to grade 4 are encouraged to participate with their families by visiting the website and donating online.  Families can purchase ready-made boxes and type in their friendship message.  The website offers details on the issuing of tax receipts should you want to make additional cash donations.

We hope that by involving our students directly in this cause, we can make friendship and reconciliation a reality rather than an abstract idea.

Parent Class Coordinators Needed

Is your child in Ms. Balzereit or Mr. Allen’s class?  We still need a class coordinator for those two classes!  If you are interested, please email carinaneuman@gmail.com.

MakerKids Robotics at Swansea: REGISTRATION TONIGHT
Create a robotic invention from scratch!  Using Arduinos, industry-used microcontrollers, kids will code, wire and build a robotic invention. Through experimenting, team-work, beta-testing, kids will take responsibility for their projects from start to finish becoming independent thinkers and engineers.  They will code using drag-and-drop blocks of code – perfect for beginners and advanced students.  MakerKids will provide secure logins, laptops and robotics materials to use.

Fall session is 8wks; Cost=$223

Tues 3:30-5pm (Oct 17-Dec 12)

Wed 3:30-5pm (Oct 18-Dec 6)

Online registration begins Thurs Sept 21 at 7pm.  https://makerkids.com/school-programs

Please contact danielle@makerkids.com for any further questions.

Lunch in Rennie Room

The Rennie Room in the Community Centre is available for children accompanied by a parent or caregiver to eat lunch. This is a smaller, quieter environment than the regular school lunchroom. There is a cost involved to eat in the Rennie Room; the fee will depend on the number of users sharing the cost of the permit. Families needing financial assistance for this program may contact our Vice-Principal Cherril George. Any families who are interested in eating in the Rennie Room in the upcoming year, please send an email to marni.halter@gmail.com

Chess Lessons- Tuesdays at lunch

Tamara Makharadze is a professional chess master from Georgia and will be offering chess lessons at lunch on Tuesday October 3, 2017—November 21, 2017 in the library.  All students welcome.  Cost $85

To register, please complete and email the chess registration Fall 2017or via this link:


Sponsorship of Swansea Craft & Bake Sale

Are you a Swansea parent or have a friend with a local/small business looking to give back to Swansea School and get some promotion within the local community?  The Craft Sale is one of the school’s larger fundraisers.  Your contribution to our sale would greatly support Swansea students.  This year’s Swansea Craft Sale is Nov 18.  Please contact Sylvia with any questions or further details about craft sale sponsorship.   information.swanseacraftsale@gmail.com

Swansea Craft Sale 2017 Needs Volunteers!

Swansea Craft sale team is looking for parent volunteers to fill the roles of sponsor acquisition, raffle coordinator and food coordinator.

Please contact Sylvia    at information.swanseacraftsale@gmail.com

Upcoming Dates:

Sept 22 – Parent Council Self-Nomination Forms Due

Sept 22 – Autumnal Equinox

Sept 22 – Terry Fox Run Gr. 1-8 Bring Toonie for Terry

Sept 25 & 26 – Groove Assemblies

Sept 27 – Picture Day

Sept 28 – WE day

Sept 30 – Yom Kippur/ Orange Shirt Day

Oct 3 – Curriculum Night (6:45 – 8 p.m.)

Oct 3 – Parent Council Election

Oct 4 – Walk to School Event

Oct 6 – PD Day

Oct 9 – Thanksgiving Day

Nov 18 – Swansea Craft Sale